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In a knowledge driven culture a wide range of organizations engage in research to better understand what works and what doesn’t. We now know more about what people like or dislike, what people prefer or object to, what engages them or what distracts them than ever before.

These organizations include researchers at institutions of higher education, and various governmental agencies at the Federal, State and local levels. But businesses, philanthropic organizations, and even individuals also engage in this research. The meaasures that are used have become increasingly complex and scientific. Traditional survey research has now been extended to the internet, data mining from a variety of sources is a new technology, methods have been developed to unobtrusively monitor people’s behavior, and neuroscientists have developed ways to measure our neural response to various stimuli.

A significant portion of this research has implications for the built environment. “The Future of the Future” (FOF) is an ongoing study to connect design concepts, with the available research, resulting a better built environment. The focus of FOF is on environments where people work, learn, play and live.  Multi-talented environments where people do “all of the above” are becoming increasingly important.