Experience Cards

On our recent research trip to California, we took a measuring tool that we developed to help us chart our experiences.  The tool is a 6″ x 4.25″ card.  It has our base diagram, dividing a circle into the four key attributes that we identified earlier this summer.  Those attributes are the Social Dynamic, Sensory Engagement, Spatial Quality, and Narrative within a space.  


We took time in every space we visited to document our initial perceptions.  The blue line encircling the diagram was completed on our return as we gauged our memory of the place and what aspects contributed strongly to that memory. 


Next steps involve cataloging all of our experiences and creating the next iteration of the Experience Card.  These may even morph into post cards for all places and spaces that you can explore for yourself, fill out, and send off! 

-Nathan Uibel & Leeann Wacker