Lindsay Stone & Briggs


Madison, WI

programming, interiors

Lindsay, Stone & Briggs is an advertising firm that describes itself as an expert in “jumpstarting brands”.  Together, the design team re-evaluated the brand, office culture, working environment, and client/visitor experience for their new office space, located in Madison’s iconic US Bank Plaza.  The nearly 40-year-old building was recently renovated to achieve Energy Star certification and a LEED Existing Building Silver Rating.  LSB contributed to the rebirth of the building by occupying a long vacant, 6,000 square foot space on the fifth floor.

LSB’s office suite is organized by a series of wall planes dividing the interior into layers of space.  The perimeter is surrounded by floor-to-ceiling glass, filling the interiors with natural daylight, connecting to the energy around the Capitol Square, and allowing stunning views out to Lake Monona.

Once located on multiple floors, the entire LSB team now works together in a large, open studio.  There are no private offices,  each staff member, from the CEO to the new intern, sit at long desks with low divider walls.  Each space is planned to allow for flexibility and collaboration. Wide circulation areas have small seating areas for quick, impromptu meetings.  The shared kitchen/lounge serves as a break room, casual work area, and an informal client meeting space.  The more formal, enclosed presentation rooms have fully integrated audio-visual technology.

Team building and creative synergy is the result bringing everyone together on the same floor at LSB.  All of their work is out in the open to promote idea sharing and inspire creativity. Acting as a public forum, full height magnetic marker boards that flank the office walls display ongoing work, sketches, inspiration, notes and campaigns.