Office Survey 1: Chicago


After analyzing various factors pertaining to urban housing, we conducted a survey in the Chicago office to test whether our findings aligned with people’s wants and how they defined home.

home now in 5.PNG

The firm participants freely typed 5 words to best describe their current home. Answers varied from physical to emotional responses which created a diverse poll of answers. The most frequently used words among the office were “bright”, “comfortable”, “cozy”, “old”, “vintage” and “walkable”.

home in future 5.PNG

When asked to describe one’s home 10 years from now, “bright” and “comfortable” were once again two of the most frequently used descriptors. New words such as “energy efficient” and “access to outdoors” were frequently used. We found this particularly interesting because it aligned with our future trend predictions that influence the way people want to live. To learn more about future trends and its impact on housing click here.

Britani Bahr