ebay WPI


San Jose, CA

workstations, team project areas, private rooms, storage

As part of the Operational Excellence Initiatives for eBay, VDTA collaborated with the internal Workplace Resources Team to develop a series of pilot projects that will establish a new corporate workplace standard. A comprehensive data-gathering effort in conjunction with Iometrics, Inc. helped to form an innovative design. The first of the pilot projects was recently completed in San Jose, California.

The implemented flexible working environment enables and supports individual and team, encouraging improved communication and collaboration. New furniture workstations were established to increase flexibility and easy reconfiguration by the teams. Carefully programmed collaborative venues were deployed throughout the space to support private and project team work. Hotel stations, team project areas, private rooms, alcove chat areas and storage were revisited to ensure they comply with the new use of the space.

The architecture also carefully considers its context, responding specifically to Nichols Park across the street, which extends from the University campus on 55th street all the way to 53rd street. The mass of the building is divided into two towers. The south tower is on 53rd street, deliberate voids in the elevation deftly minimize the structure’s perceived mass while framing views of Nichol’s Park, just across the street. The north tower is set 100ft back from the street to minimize its mass.