Adobe 410 Townsend


San Francisco, CA

Programming, Interiors, Experiential Media

Adobe established its San Francisco presence when it acquired Macromedia at the end of 2005. At that time, Macromedia occupied the historic Baker & Hamilton Building at 601 Townsend Street and the newer 625 Townsend Street next door. Recently, Adobe leased additional space at 410 Townsend Street two blocks away to meet the needs of its growing workforce. Valerio Dewalt Train implemented an evolution of the planning strategy at 410 Townsend while providing a unique identity for the space.

Adobe occupies about 44,000 SF and two and a half floors of this four story building. Upon entrance, the visitor encounters Adobe’s illuminated logo. As you enter Adobe’s space, you are greeted by a custom perforated screen wall punctuated with the their logo. This leads you to the town hall, a multi-functional room that acts as the building’s hub. This venue creates a place for all-hands meetings, art openings, guest speakers, hack-a-thons or lunch with coworkers. Finishes provide a pop of color and texture against the building’s classic SOMA structure—exposed brick and heavy timber.


The second and third floors feature a folding charcoal-colored element that weaves around the structure. Conference rooms take advantage of the building’s long and narrow floor plate; they run along the building’s core and provide convenient proximity to the rest of the open office. The lounge provides a respite from the bustling work day by providing a view of the San Francisco skyline. Collaboration is in Adobe’s DNA. Each neighborhood features a “team relax” space with a view that provides a casual meeting destination. Environmental graphics and branding elements are strategically located throughout the floors, providing imagery that is unique to Adobe and the site.