SunPower Corporate Headquarters Graphics

To further integrate their recent corporate brand refresh into a new 186,000 SF multipurpose facility designed by VDTA, SunPower requested that the design express the client’s commitment to renewable energy worldwide in the home, business and government, and power plant sectors throughout the interior of the new campus. Integration of the division specific brand colors are [...]

SunPower Corporate Headquarters Graphics
San Jose, CA
  • sunpower_eg_image01

    (left) Main Building Lobby (right) Backlit Polygal Wall

  • sunpower_eg_image02

    Office Entry

  • sunpower_eg_image03

    Environmental Graphics Elevations

  • sunpower_eg_image04

    Break-room with company timline in background of office.

  • sunpower_eg_image05

    Full Wall Break-room Graphic

  • sunpower_eg_image06

    Conference room

  • sunpower_eg_image07

    Environmental Graphics Elevations

  • sunpower_eg_image08

    Room Signage and Privacy Film