Walsh College Featured in Contract Magazine

April 27, 2017

“As corporations are thinking more like college campuses, this college was designed to appear more like a business.”
-Ed Keegan


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Walsh College featured in Architect’s Newspaper

February 9, 2017

Matt Messner highlights our recently completed addition and renovation at Walsh College, a business school for professionals in Troy, MI. The project was part of the fourth phase of the campus Master Plan redesign, which Valerio Dewalt Train has been developing and implementing for the last 10 years.

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Blair Kamin notes the sculptural profile that Vue53 brings to Hyde Park

November 8, 2016

“Key to Vue53′s appeal is the Jenga look, which Valerio achieved with deep cuts in the glass and aluminum facade and boldly-cantilevered extensions. Both lighten the tower’s mass and make its upper reaches appear to float over the base.” -Blair Kamin

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Valerio Dewalt Train Associates Named in Top 50 Design Firms

September 7, 2016

Valerio Dewalt Train Associates was named one of the country’s Top 50 design firms by Architect Magazine’s Arch50 awards.


Gordon Parks Arts Hall in Mark Magazine

July 4, 2016

Jane Szita looks at how the nearby neo-gothic architecture inspired the modern form of Gordon Parks Arts Hall in Mark Magazine.


Media Objectives Recognized for Two International Design Awards

June 14, 2016

M-O‘s design for the School of the Art Institute’s Donor Wall has been awarded a SEGD Merit Award and a Core 77 Award.


“Typeset in slotted panels revealed in light and shadow, donor names are both there and not there. This is the nature of giving.” – SEGD Global Design Awards jury


“The overall compositions transcended pure information, and became a large painting, an art installation.” – Core77 Design Awards jury


Godfrey Hotel named in ArchDaily’s Top 100 US Projects

“The design of the Godfrey Hotel is an exploration of modernist forms, but this experiment looks to a more muscular approach where the juxtaposition of huge, yet apparently weightless masses rest on a gracefully balanced structural skeleton, reasserting the indeterminate, an ambiguous condition of modern times in what is a truly unexpected way.” -ArchDaily


Blair Kamin gives Gordon Parks Arts Hall a glowing review

April 26, 2016

“[The Arts Hall] performs architecture’s essential role of creating an environment that expresses the spirit of our time through the medium of space. The architects have crafted a bracing yet sensitive addition to the Lab School campus.” -Blair Kamin in the Chicago Tribune

Dobline House_Spread 1_web2

Love Lines: Doblin House in CS Modern Luxury Interiors

April 21, 2016

CS Modern Luxury Interiors looks at our recent renovation of the award-winning Doblin House. Constructed originally in 2003 as a bona fide bachelor pad for Bruce Doblin, a second-floor, with a master bedroom and study, was added to accommodate Doblin’s new life with art historian Lisa Wainwright and her son. Read the full story here.


Architect’s Newspaper Reviews Gordon Parks Arts Hall

March 31, 2016

“The new arts wing is given pride of place along the north side of the block—being the first thing one sees as one approaches from the north, east, or west, this VDTA addition is the new face of the South Side prep school.” – Julia Di Castri in Architect’s Newspaper


Growing Up Google: How Wayfinding and Placemaking Help Evolve the Google Brand

March 9, 2016

“When M-O set out to create a new wayfinding, signage and graphics program for the campus, we wanted to infuse the environment with playfulness and ambiguity, sophistication and environmental consciousness. The result is a new take on the iconic brand.” – Joe Lawton and Ellen Bean Spurlock

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Wayfinding at Work: SEGD Interview with Joe Lawton & Ellen Bean

March 3, 2016

M-O’s Joe Lawton and Ellen Bean Spurlock, along with Brittney Butler of VMDO, led the Workplace Wayfinding session at the 2016 SEGD Wayfinding in Miami. SEGD sat down with Joe and Ellen to dicuss their thoughts on workplace wayfinding preceding the panel.

Check out the full interview here.

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Gordon Parks Arts Hall Covers Architect Magazine

February 15, 2016

“At Gordon Parks Arts Hall, Valerio Dewalt Train has reconceived Gothic for the 21st Century.” -Ed Keegan in Architect Magazine


Gordon Parks Arts Hall Featured on Dezeen, ArchDaily, WAN & More…

February 11, 2016

“Every space in the arts hall has been designed to create and present content.” – Joe Valerio in Dezeen


World Architecture News



New York Times Reviews The Godfrey Hotel

March 23, 2015

We are delighted to see The Godfrey Hotel continue to receive interest from the press. The New York Times reviews the experience.


The Pleasure Principle, Video / Article Feature by Cadillac Magazine

November 6, 2014

Following his keynote lecture at the Godfrey Hotel for the Driven by Design event, Joe Valerio sat down with editor Drew Linmsky to share what it means to create architecture that makes sense and makes people happy. “Whether he’s competing (...)


VDTA Featured in New Book on Green Living

March 11, 2014

Stephen Synder’s new book, “A Place in the Sun: Green Living and Solar Home”, features VDTA”s recent residential work EnV, Seneca House, and UCSD Rita Atkinson Residences. Book available for purchase on Amazon


“Schools of the 21st Century”, Architectural Record Features Earl Shapiro Hall

January 1, 2014

“Like the institution is serves, the new early childhood learning center of the University of Chicago Laboratory Schools is anything but ordinary.” – Blair Kamin in Architectural Record


SAIC LeRoy Neiman Center Receives Accolades

December 22, 2013

“It’s a dramatic centerpiece to the student center.”
– AIA Chicago Juror

VDTA’s design for the LeRoy Neiman Center receives AIA Chicago Interior Award – Special Recognition as well as an Interior Design Design Merit Award. The project also featured in Design Bureau’s Print Annual.


“All educators should see this building…” Chicago Tribune Features Earl Shapiro Hall

October 13, 2013

Blair Kamin, Chicago Tribune Architecture Critic, applauds VDTA and FGM Architects for their recently completed Earl Shapiro Hall in his weekend feature. Kamin wrote, “Richly endowed with innovative classrooms and common spaces, it is well-attuned to the individual needs of its students…” The 120,000 SF building recently opened it’s doors this fall for nursery to second grade classes.