Integrated Media…More than Wallpaper!

Navigating the built environment can be a complex endeavor. By integrating environmental graphics, such as wayfinding, early in the design process, they can become a critical extension of the architectural design.

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Feb 20, 2013

Integrated Media…More than Wallpaper!

By admin

We recently launched the Media + Marketing Group at Valerio Dewalt Train Associates. We work as an integrated design team, utilizing environmental graphics, print media and digital media  as a way to develop unique client identities. You can learn more about our approach and services, here.

Within the built environment, graphic oriented media applications act as a form of communication, having the ability to help users understand, interact and transverse the location within which they inhabit. If successful these media applications work in unison with the architecture, drawing people through the space in an effective and exciting manner. There should be a play between the architectural details and finishes, and the media elements that exist within that space.

Traditional elements of  environmental graphics  include both wayfinding and artwork. These tend to be applied to the surfaces of the building towards the end of the construction process. By integrating various graphic media earlier in the design process, you are able to expand the application opportunities to truly make these elements an extension of the architecture.  Doing so allows for a complete integration of the client’s identity into the space.

To the left are a series of diagrams outlining just a few applications of integrated media in an architectural setting.